What We Do

An agile media agency creating value in a world of flux…

River Media Partners work with clients and partners to fashion commercially relevant solutions for the sports and entertainment sectors faced by rapid changes in consumer behaviour and business models. River Media Partners will maximise your revenue potential with new and re-imagined business models.

The founding partners have over 80 years of experience working across sports and entertainment. They have worked with federations, venues, rights owners, media platforms, broadcasters, investors and brands to create and distribute sports content opportunities on a global basis.

Our status within the industry guarantees access to Governing Bodies, Media Companies, Production, Investors, Legal, Technology, Regulatory and Brands.

River Media Partners will:

deliver best in class resource and partner relationships.

work with rights holders and event producers to develop propositions for today’s market.

apply a holistic approach to rights and IP to drive brand values and develop all potential revenues.

identify and engage with rights’ buyers to maximize client values.

work with rights owners to develop formats and content to maximise exposure and commercial returns.